Wedding Floral Arrangements by An Elegant Affair

Morningside Inn is proud to have Lisa Monday, owner of An Elegant Affair By Lisa, as a preferred vendor. Monday’s company is a floral business and she never fails to create living masterpieces. Whatever the occasion, Monday’s flowers are sure to accent the decor perfectly and stand out just the right amount.

Her designs go beyond the typical “flowers in a vase” approach, incorporating various other pieces of foliage along with non-plant items, like decorative stones. When a couple chooses to get their wedding floral arrangements from An Elegant Affair, they are always in good hands and will end up with the best service imaginable.

Incorporating flowers in an unconventional, yet stunning way.

Incorporating flowers in an unconventional, yet stunning way.

A huge plus side to choosing An Elegant Affair by Lisa for your wedding floral arrangements is that her studio is located on Morningside Inn’s property. Just a short walk down the driveway to get to the venue, Monday has no risk of damaging her bouquets in the transportation process. With choosing An Elegant Affair, a couple is also ensuring that their wedding floral arrangements will always make it to the venue on time; there is no risk of running into traffic when one can walk to the destination in less than a minute!

Below you can find two other examples of Monday’s work with wedding floral arrangements.

The bright pop of yellow sunflowers with a touch of purple show subtle beauty.

The bright pop of yellow sunflowers with a touch of purple show subtle beauty.

The deep red and pristine white combined with winter greenery would accent a December wedding perfectly.

The deep red and pristine white combined with winter greenery would accent a December wedding perfectly.


Morningside Inn Wedding Planners

You are engaged and the wedding planning process is beginning. A wedding planner is on your radar but what do they do for you? At Morningside Inn, we have wedding planners on-site that will work with you to make your day go off without a hitch.

Morningside Inn’s wedding planners, Lauren, Shannon and Katie, are expertly trained in making a wedding run smoothly. When you book your wedding at Morningside Inn, one of them will be assigned to your wedding and will ensure that all your dreams come true.

So what does a Morningside Inn wedding planner do?

Our wedding planners will be involved with your special day from shortly after booking until when you are leaving the venue as a newlywed. Once a Morningside Inn wedding planner is assigned to your wedding, they will be in touch with you to start Morningside Inn’s side of the planning process.

wedding planner

Image courtesy of the Crystal Lenz




To the left is one option for your head table. In this choice, the bride and groom will be seated at a romantic sweetheart table for some one-on-one time during dinner. Another option is a large head table where the entire wedding party will join the bride and groom.




Shortly after booking with Morningside Inn, your wedding planner will be in touch to coordinate a planning session. There is a planning sheet laid out for the Morningside Inn planners to go through, which includes:

  • Number of guests, including the number of guests under 21

    wedding planner

    Morningside Inn can provide props such as an altar table and pillars.
    Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

  • How many vendors are being hired for the event
  • Number of people sitting at the head table (two for a sweetheart table, more for the entire bridal party)
  • Assigned or open seating for dinner
  • Start and end times of the event
  • Ceremony location if off-site
  • If the bride’s room will be used and, if so, the bridal party arrival time
  • Buffet or plated meal options
  • Type of bar and champagne toast
  • Linen colors and centerpieces for tables upstairs and downstairs
  • Any special tables or props needed
  • Name and phone number of any outside wedding coordinator or vendors
  • Ceremony diagram showing where each bridal party member will be standing


As you can tell, the planning session with a Morningside Inn coordinator is very comprehensive. Lauren, Shannon and Katie make sure to cover all the bases, so most brides will not need to hire any outside wedding coordinators.

A Morningside Inn wedding planner will also help a couple line up their vendors. They can recommend certain vendors for various services; Morningside Inn’s recommended vendors are a great choice since they have all built up excellent professional relationships with Morningside Inn through their superior performance and reliability.

Morningside Inn vendors will also schedule a rehearsal for the wedding ceremony before the big day. During this appointment, all members of the wedding party and immediate family will walk through the ceremony so each person know where to go and what to do. This is extremely helpful, as it facilitates a smooth wedding ceremony with no confusion.

What will you need a private wedding planner for?

There is a difference between a Morningside Inn wedding planner and a privately hired wedding planner. Hired wedding planners are most beneficial to the bride on the day of her wedding. They will make sure that all of the bride’s needs are met on her big day and are responsible for coordinating with the vendors to make sure they show up on time and do their job correctly.

You will need to hire a private wedding planner if you would like help with tasks such as:

  • Going on dress fittings
  • Visiting outside vendors
  • Preparing decorations (such as cutting out or ordering name cards)

Our wedding planners are Morningside Inn allow a bride to have a more independent planning process. Their job is to meet your requests for the wedding venue, along with directing the Morningside Inn employees the day of the wedding. Having one knowledgable person in charge of all aspects of a wedding will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible in order for the couple to have the best wedding imaginable.

Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

Choosing a wedding vendor is an important step in your planning process. These are the people who are going to make your day run and every bride deserves the best of the best. 

Wedding vendors include photographers, DJs, caterers, florists, and wedding planners. At Morningside Inn, each bride is given an on-side wedding planner and caterer, so half the selection is already done for you! We also recommend services from our preferred vendors, The Crystal Lenz (photography), Soundsations (DJ), Karen Rodkey Cakes, and An Elegant Affair (florist).


wedding vendor

Working with the best team will make you jump for joy on your wedding day! Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Your right-hand (wo)man

Making sure that you have the best staff for your wedding will play a huge part in having an event that runs smoothly from start to finish, and throughout the planning process. At Morningside Inn, the event planners and staff are expertly trained to keep weddings running like a well-oiled machine. Any bridal magazine or wedding planning website will advise brides to consider hiring a wedding planner.

The advantages of hiring a wedding planner may not seem like much, but one can be of monumental help, attending to details to that may not seem apparent but that will ensure a smoothly running event.

Wedding coordinators will help to appease a lot of stress from a bride’s shoulders. They can be hired for the entire planning process or even just for the day of your wedding.


When a bride books her wedding at Morningside Inn, she will be assigned a wedding coordinator, who will go through all the details from start to finish. Not only are Morningside Inn planners knowledgeable about the venue, they will consult with the couple to plan the menu, the décor and the timetable for the big day; they do not miss a beat!

Morningside Inn coordinators will work with other wedding vendors to make sure that every part of your wedding is the best it can be.

wedding vendor

Our chefs are sure to please any appetite with their delicious meals. Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

When you book at Morningside Inn, a couple will not only get a wedding planner for the whole planning process, but also for the day of the event! A Morningside Inn bride will have her wedding coordinator on site when she arrives and the coordinator will be there through the end of the event. This way, the coordinator can make sure that everything runs according to time while also allowing for adjustments to the timetable if needed.

Hiring a wedding coordinator helps to give peace of mind to a bride when she is planning a day that should be as carefree as possible. When having a Morningside Inn coordinator, brides will get the best of the bunch. They can rest assured that their staff will make the wedding as enjoyable as possible for the couple, their family and their friends.


The Rest of the Team

Another important of your day are outside services. Wedding vendors include services such as photography, videography, flowers, music and cake. Nailing down your wedding vendors well ahead of time will ensure that you get your first choice, as top wedding vendors can book up more than a year in advance!

Wedding vendor

The Crystal Lenz photography company will make sure that your day is remembered forever.


A special aspect of Morningside Inn is their list of preferred wedding vendors. These vendors have established a relationship with Morningside Inn that can only come from exceptional performance and top-of-the-line service.

Morningside Inn event planners will work side by side with their preferred wedding vendors to get everything ready for a couple’s wedding. The bride and groom will not have to worry with personally contacting these vendors and planning every detail. Morningside Inn wedding coordinators will take care of the fine print, such as arrival times.

wedding vendor

Image Courtesy of Karen Rodkey Cakes




Morningside Inn’s preferred wedding vendors are The Crystal Lenz photography studio, An Elegant Affair by Lisa florist service, Soundsations DJ, and Karen Rodkey Cakes. When choosing any or all of these services, your wedding will undoubtedly be a day to remember for a lifetime.


Wedding Budget Tips

Planning your wedding budget is one of the first steps that should be done.

Money is a universal stressor and there is no reason why a couple (or a whole family) should go into debt to throw a wedding.

Wedding planning website The Knot recommends figuring out your wedding budget and how much money each family member is contributing from the very beginning. It may be an uncomfortable conversation to have, but your budget will impact all planning decisions from there out.

The bill adds up quickly when planning a wedding, especially in terms of food and alcohol. Make sure you do not forget about non-venue expenses, such as the wedding gown, shoes, hair and makeup, jewelry, and transportation.

wedding budget

A handmade sign like this is an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your wedding. Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Wedding planning websites offer tools to help with organizing a wedding budget, and I recommend that every couple considers taking advantage of these tools. When they are free and easily at your disposal, why not?

wedding budet

Having a buffet meal instead of plated will slash costs. Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

wedding budget

Food budgets can add up, but with Chef Tim your meal will always be exceptional. Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz










Morningside Inn has seen many weddings that easily slashed budget costs without taking away from the enjoyment of the wedding. Simple ways of cutting costs are making one’s own decorations (such as place cards) and using centerpieces without flowers. Trust me, a table full of candles looks just as nice as a spray of flowers!

wedding budget

Bring the ocean to your wedding! For the beach bum couple, a great way to save some money is to collect seashells for your centerpieces. Image courtesy of Andrea Lauren Interiors

wedding budget

Dried grasses always give a rustic yet refined look to a centerpiece. They are available in craft stores and can be made pretty far in advance; no need to worry about them wilting! Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

wedding budget

Fruits, or any item with the same color, when placed in a vase looks elegant. Think about items specific to your season, such as cranberries or cinnamon sticks for winter. Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

Wedding budget

Candles are a great replacement for flowers. They are inexpensive and can really add to the ambiance of the room. Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

wedding budget

Books are an excellent idea for the intellectual couple. You could choose your favorite authors and put their books at each table for a new idea on table themes. Image courtesy of Off Beat Bride












There are many tips and ideas for cutting costs available in magazines, books and online. Pinterest is hugely popular for DIY brides. So, if you just do a little digging you can find ways to seriously save some money while planning your wedding budget!

Final Wedding Planning Steps

When you get engaged, you will probably want to start the wedding planning process right away. Most brides do not realize how stressful and overwhelming planning a wedding can be, though! It is shocking how much needs to be covered in wedding planning, but not everything needs to be done right away.

Wedding Planning

Your wedding should be fun, not stressful! – Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Brides may not initially realize that there are things in the wedding planning process that do not have to be thought about right away; those final wedding planning steps can be dealt with from around one month to a week or two before your wedding date.

Knowing that some tasks can be put on the back burner can really serve well in taking some stress off a busy bride’s beautiful shoulders.

  • Marriage License About a month, or slightly earlier than a month, before the wedding the bride and groom should look into getting the paperwork completed to obtain a marriage license and certificate. The laws on what needs to be done to get those documents vary from state-to-state, so make sure that you check what your home state requires. For tips on getting a marriage license in Maryland, take a look at our post on that here!

  • Wedding Announcement A great way to let everyone know about your upcoming wedding without having to invite the whole town is through a wedding announcement in the local newspaper. Most couples will arrange for a wedding announcement about a month prior to their wedding, but as this is optional, no specific time frame is crucial.

    Image courtesy of

    Image courtesy of

  • Final Confirmations with Vendors:
    A little less than a month before the wedding date, the couple should consult with their vendors to make sure the final plans are correct.
    Create a “must-play” song list for the DJ and choose your first dance song. Let the photographer know about any specific pictures you’d like. Arrange fittings and pick-up dates for the bridal gown, bridesmaids dresses and tuxedos. Confirm appointment times with hairstylists and makeup artists. Nail down times, locations and directions for transportation services.At Morningside Inn, your event planner will be in touch to go through the final wedding planning steps involving the venue. A great thing about Morningside Inn is that couples are allowed to give their final head count for guests as close as 2 weeks to the wedding date. This gives the couple a little more time to hear back from late responders.A plus side to booking with one or more of Morningside Inn’s preferred vendors is that they are extremely familiar with the venue and the time schedules for working at a Morningside Inn wedding. With a preferred vendor, you will never have to worry about one of them showing up late or getting lost.
  • Reception Plans/Decor: place cards and seating arrangements are recommended to be done about 3 weeks to a month before the wedding. Naturally, these tasks would have to wait in order to give guests time to respond.A word of caution, though: give yourself plenty of time to work out seating arrangements. Couples need to keep in mind who is sitting with whom at the wedding to give everyone as enjoyable an experience as possible.Also make sure to consider the amount of people that can comfortably fit at one table. Do not be afraid to break up large families or friends if it means you will have crowded tables.Another wedding planning aspect to keep in mind is allowing time for name cards to be printed. You never know what might happen, so make sure that, if you are getting name cards printed, you contact the company to ask about how much time to allow.

    Wedding Planning

    Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

  • Day-Of Bag Preparing a small care bag is a small step that could end up making a big difference in a bride’s big day. Some recommended items include painkillers, lotion, mints or gum, safety pins and a mini sewing kit (accidents do happen), stain remover, extra makeup, and a spare set of pantyhose. These things will help to give some home comforts when a bride is wrapped up in the wedding planning process.

    Image courtesy of Swatchbox Weddings

    Image courtesy of Swatchbox Weddings

The Face Behind Your Wedding Meal

Cooking for large groups is something that most people dread. Holidays approach with eagerness to see family and friends, but the mere thought of preparing a large meal is enough to scare most away from the kitchen.

But, for Morningside Inn’s Chef Tim, no wedding meal is too large to handle.

wedding meal

Morningside Inn’s fearless Chef Tim

Imagine having to prepare meals for over 100 people each day at work. Scary, right? Well not for Morningside Inn’s fearless Chef Tim. Typically assisted by two other employees, Chef Tim braves the sauna-like heat of the kitchen to create the delicious wedding meal that will sate the appetites of guests and give them energy to celebrate for the rest of the evening.

As if the task of cooking for so many mouths is not daunting enough, Chef Tim and his team must navigate about the kitchen, a two-room space, go downstairs for the cooler, and work around the servers’ prep area. This layout can be tricky with an armful of supplies and a time schedule to stick to. Despite the old saying about too many cooks in the kitchen, Chef Tim is able to seamlessly make his part of the wedding go off without a hitch.

wedding meal

Chef Tim is sure to please any appetite with his delicious meals. Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz


A couple getting married at Morningside Inn has the option of a buffet style or plated wedding meal. Each choice comes with its own difficulties for the kitchen staff to deal with. For a buffet style wedding meal, Chef Tim must correctly estimate how much food will be needed to feed the guests, making sure to not run out or cook too much food. Not only the number of guests but the dish type as well go into the calculations of how much food to make.

When the wedding meal is plated, and served to each guest at the table, the kitchen must turn into an assembly line. Meals are plated right before they are taken out to the dining room and it is up to the kitchen staff to make sure the plates are prepared correctly, that the appropriate amount of each meal choice is given to the servers and that meals for guests with special dietary concerns are sent out at the appropriate time.


As you can see, working in the kitchen is an extremely fast-paced and at times hectic. Add into that mix another speed bump: food allergies. Morningside Inn has catered to the special dietary needs of many a guest’s wedding meal without sacrificing taste or quality. Some advance planning is required, but Chef Tim is able to accommodate to any diet or allergy, having special plates prepared in the kitchen to be served to the guest directly.

wedding menu

Salmon with Sweet Sour Basil Sauce and London Broil are some of the most popular meal choices at Morningside Inn. Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Morningside Inn has also hosted a number of weddings where special meal options are requested. For example, a recent wedding served a combination of Morningside Inn’s buffet choices and traditional Indian dishes, such as Chicken Tikka. Just because Morningside Inn has a list of food options does not mean that those are the limit; Chef Tim and his team are able to meet most special requests in order to make the couple’s wedding meal unforgettable.

Each wedding meal that Chef Tim prepares garners numerous rave reviews. On the ‘Wall Of Fame’ of reviews in the Morningside Inn office, one will find praise of Tim’s meals in almost each review. It is not uncommon for a guest to insist on personally passing along their complements to Chef Tim. With so many happy customers it is easy to know that one’s wedding meal will be in the best hands when Chef Tim is behind the stove.


Needless to say, managing a kitchen at a wedding venue is not the job for everyone, but there is not another chef who is more fit for the position than Chef Tim. Each time he dons his apron and hot pepper-printed chef pants, Tim produces world-class wedding meals that are pleasing to every guest.

Six Great Fall Wedding Flower Ideas

Fall is a beautiful time for wedding flower choices. The leaves are changing to vibrant reds and oranges and flowers are blooming left and right.

Here are a list of some wedding flower ideas featuring fall blooms.

Goldenrod: Imagine this beautiful bloom mixed into a bridal bouquet, providing a subtle yet lovely splash of color. When the crisp fall air comes, a nice yellow flower will help to warm up the atmosphere.

Wedding Flower

Photo courtesy of Medicinal Plants of the Northeast

Russian Sage: Russian Sage has a rich, violet hue that would work as an excellent contrast to the rich, warm tones that fall is known for. Its blooms are rather sturdy, which will help the flower to hold up through the whole wedding.

wedding flower

Photo courtesy of Country Living

HeleniumHelenium blooms come in bright yellow, orange and red blooms, which would be a great reflection of the changing leaves on the trees surrounding Morningside Inn. These blooms are also a sturdy bloom, making it an ideal choice for a long event. Just imagine how lovely this flower would be mixed in with other fall foliage, like pinecones.

wedding flower

Photo courtesy of Landscape Architecture Blog

Sedum: Wow, what a beautiful flower! The unique bloom is a lovely magenta-red hue and it’s small, circular blossoms would be a standout in bouquets or centerpieces. Sedum also would be a lovely option for a boutonniere for the groom!

wedding flower

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Fall Crocus: Fall Crocuses have a lovely purple shade with a pop of yellow right in the center of the blooms. They are great, dainty flowers that would be an excellent choice in any floral arrangement. A fall crocus would work well in a small or large bouquet.

wedding flower

Photo courtesy of DIY Network

Red Spider Lily: Topping off the list is the exotic and delicate bloom of the Red Spider Lily. It boasts a gorgeous, inviting red-orange blossom that will take an arrangement to the next level.

wedding flower

Photo courtesy of DeviantArt


Getting A Maryland Marriage License

When a couple gets married, it takes more than just having the ceremony and reception to make everything legal. Read on to learn how to obtain a Maryland marriage license.

Maryland Marraige License
Image courtesy of Universal Ministries

 To get a Maryland marriage license, the requirements vary from county to county. The US Marriage License website recommends that your paperwork be taken care of at least one month before your wedding date.

Getting the Maryland marriage license paperwork completed that far in advance may seem like overkill. But, it does not hurt to get these things taken care of well ahead of time. Knowing that those documents are complete will take a load of stress off a couple’s shoulders.

The base requirements for each Maryland marriage license that are consistence through all counties are as follows:

  • Photo ID, Social Security Number, state and county of birth.
  • NO residency requirement for a Maryland marriage license (you do not have to live in Maryland).
  • Application must be made in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in the county where the wedding will take place. This means that if you are getting married at Morningside Inn, you would need to apply at the Frederick Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, even if you live in another county.
  • A valid proof of any previous marriage’s termination, such as a divorce judgement or death certificate.
  • Application fee paid in cash. This ranges from $35 to $85.
  • Two day waiting period for the Maryland marriage license after submitting an application.
  • Applicants that are 16-17 years old must present either the consent of a parent/guardian or a physician’s proof that the woman is pregnant or has given birth.
  • Applicants that are 15 years old must present both parent/guardian consent and a physician’s proof that the woman is pregnant or has given birth.


maryland marriage license

Image Courtesy of The Megaphone

Another thing to be mindful of is getting your name formally changed. Just because your Maryland marriage license has your new name printed on it (if you are taking your spouse’s last name) does not mean that your name has legally been changed.

There are many ways to legally change your name.

    • Social Security SS-5 form: this formal document requires a marriage license; proof of age, identity and U.S. citizenship. Ten days after submitting your application, the Social Security Administration will notify the IRS of your name change. From there, you need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to update your driver’s license. Bring your marriage license and make sure to inform the association of any address change if you and your spouse move. Once you get your new identification cards (this may take two to three weeks) make sure you formally change your name on all other important documents and organizations such as:
      • Banks
      • Doctors
      • Loans
      • Utility companies
      • Employer
      • Insurance companies
      • Club memberships
    • The Internet offers multiple options for changing your name. One quick, easy and legal method is using the marriage name change kit from

Information regarding Maryland Marriage Licenses found at

Information regarding name changing found at

Bridal Suite Improvements

Morningside Inn’s Bridal Suite has recently undergone a great transformation. In an industry that is influenced so heavily by current trends, it is pivotal to keep up with those trends as much as possible.

Being a renovated barn, part of Morningside Inn’s charm and appeal comes from a more rustic look and décor, but aspects are bound to become outdated at some point, and the recent charges to the inn have helped to add even more aesthetic charm.

When a bride comes onto the property the day of her wedding, she will spend a good amount of time in the bridal suite, pampering herself and getting ready to look and feel her best. Naturally, the Morningside Inn event planners and staff want this space to be as comfortable as possible.

Front room of bridal suite

Front room of bridal suite

The bride’s room is already a very large space. This benefits the bride by allowing her to comfortably fit her family, bridal party and any hair or makeup artists in the bridal suite with her. The bridal suite is divided into two rooms, so if she or any of her bridesmaids need privacy, the rooms can be divided with the simple shutting of a door.

When having a house full of women, a main concern is bathroom space. Thankfully, the bridal suite has two full bathrooms so that no one ever needs to fight over them. In addition, the large vanity area has two sinks in case a full bathroom is not necessary.

Now that the updates have been completed, the bridal suite is accented with buttery leather sofas, rich wooden armoires and plush armchairs. Luxury and comfort are clear overtones of the design scheme. A beautiful granite countertop and a wall-length mirror, which seems to make the room double in size, accent the vanity area.

On her wedding a day, a bride should experience no stress, and the improvements made to the bridal suite will help to ensure that she is in the lap of luxury the whole time she is getting prepared. The bride and her wedding party will often arrive at Morningside Inn hours before the ceremony, so even if she needs to take a quick power nap, there is a welcoming sofa that will have her name written all over it.

Back room of bridal suite

Back room of bridal suite

In the living space, a sleek flat-screen television is mounted on the wall, excellent for keeping children entertained while the bride and her bridesmaids pamper themselves.

For the sake of convenience, there are expansive French doors opening to a parking lot, making it much easier to unload and load up all personal belongings.

Needless to say, the bridal suite is the ideal space for a bride to prepare herself for her big day. At a time that can be very overwhelming, the new changes help to ease any stress away and keep the bride as comfortable as possible.

Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Front room of bridal suite

Front room of bridal suite

Back room of bridal suite

Back room of bridal suite

Front room of bridal suite

Front room of bridal suite

Vanity area in bridal suite

Vanity area in bridal suite

Vanity area in Bridal Suite

Vanity area in Bridal Suite


Weather and a Fall Wedding

With fall already here and winter just around the corner, brides will need to start taking into consideration adverse weather plans for their fall wedding.

Morningside Inn features a lovely patio looking over the property’s sprawling, well-manicured fields that is perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Many couples take advantage of this patio well into the chilly month. However, as it gets colder, an outdoor fall wedding becomes less and less possible.

Morningside Inn Fall Landscape - Courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Morningside Inn Fall Landscape – Courtesy of The Crystal Lenz


Morningside Inn Fall Landscape - Courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Morningside Inn Fall Landscape – Courtesy of The Crystal Lenz


Thankfully, Morningside Inn offers something that not every other venue can: the option of an indoor wedding!

In the event that rain, cold weather or snow spoil the possibility of an outdoor ceremony for a fall wedding, Morningside Inn staff can switch things around for an indoor ceremony in a matter of minutes. If you are worried about missing out on the view, worry not! The space for indoor ceremonies is in the lower level of the venue, which has a whole wall of windows looking over the same pristine view as the outdoor patio.




Morningside Inn Indoor Ceremony

Morningside Inn Indoor Ceremony

When planning your wedding, Morningside Inn is able to accommodate to most requests and is the ideal venue to host your special day. Regardless of if your ceremony is indoors or outdoors, Morningside Inn staff will work to make your fall wedding a day full of memories to last a lifetime.

Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Many couples would like to get photographs outdoors with the venue’s beautiful foliage as a backdrop. At a fall wedding, sometimes the weather is less than ideal for those outdoor poses. But fear not! Morningside Inn has many gorgeous rooms indoors for photographs, such as stone walls and fireplaces.

If a couple is still determined to get outside for photographs, Morningside Inn has a covered patio section that will provide shelter from any rain or snow that may come. This patio is located in the center of the indoor ceremony area. With Morningside Inn, a couple having a fall wedding will never be disappointed. We can accommodate to most requests are strive to make our couples’ big day perfect.